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Remembering Jim Ervin

A beloved teacher who found joy in encouraging students every day

During his decades as an educator, 吉姆·欧文从未失去他对教学或与年轻人一起工作的真正热情, 上世纪60年代到90年代的澳门百老汇娱乐官方网站的校友们经常提到他作为一名教师的持久影响, coach, and mentor in their lives.

Mr. Ervin passed away peacefully on Tuesday, March 1. 他和79岁的女儿詹妮弗一直住在纽约,最近搬进了佛蒙特州的一家护理机构, near daughter Jamie.

By Hannah Van Sickle ’92

"JKE" - as Mr. 欧文在1968年秋天来到百老汇app,大家都亲切地认识他. 他是被校长理查德·麦克莱恩从伯克郡男校招募来教科学和数学的, 对青少年来说令人沮丧的课程(历史上是由男性教授的)对女孩来说是出了名的. He was more than up to the challenge.

“I’ve just never believed that girls couldn’t do it, and I never let them think that,” he said in a 1997 interview. As to his recipe for success? A bit of humor, a wide smile, 还有无穷无尽的耐心(他对清晨额外帮助的开放政策就是明证).

Left, Thanksgiving 1997; Right, 1980, the ritual of "burning a ski pole" to induce a snowstorm.

Mr. Ervin’s students likely recall nightly homework, daily five-minute quizzes, 只有在黑板上画了一张“成绩图”并进行讨论后,测试才会返回——纵向对折. When he saw success, he looked to foster it — no matter the arena.

““The thirty years I spent [at MHS] were probably my best years, and I loved every single student, faculty member and Trustee who dedicated themselves to the School.””

During the course of his tenure, Mr. Ervin taught math, geology and physics; served as Assistant Head of School (1981-1989) and Mathematics Department Chair; and coached varsity tennis for 14 years. In 1994, the Miss Hall’s School Mathematics prize, awarded annually at Commencement, was renamed The James K. Ervin Mathematics Prize.


During a recent visit with Mr. Ervin at the home of his daughter, Jennifer, it was clear he never lost his enthusiasm for Miss Hall’s, even two decades into retirement.

“The thirty years I spent [at MHS] were probably my best years, and I loved every single student, faculty member and Trustee who dedicated themselves to the School,” Mr. Ervin在2016年9月的林恩堂奠基和捐赠者感谢晚宴上说, home to the School’s Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Departments and the Horizons program. 如今,这座多学科大楼里的一间数学教室以他的名字命名.

(Photo by Walter Scott)

Mr. Ervin left his mark at Miss Hall’s in myriad ways. In the classroom, his kindness was matched by high expectations. Outside of the classroom, 他是许多对他的学生的生活产生影响的人的顾问和导师.

Still, Mr. Ervin’s first love was family. He and his wife Judi, an MHS nurse from 1971-1974 (who predeceased her husband in 2014), 是1972届的荣誉成员——这是他从头到尾教的第一堂课. 欧文夫妇结婚56年,有三个女儿:詹妮弗·芬贝尔,1979年, Jamison Ervin and Jessica Stankus; they also have five grandchildren.

Not long ago, Mr. 欧文向詹妮弗保证,他“过着美好的生活,从不后悔。.在MHS的30年里,他从每天鼓励学生中找到了乐趣, 百老汇app向所有认识他的人表示百老汇app的同情,并请大家向他致敬 dsmith@reduce-infertility.com to be published on the Miss Hall’s website. He will be deeply missed.

Remembering Jim Ervin

敬爱的前数学老师、教练和副校长吉姆·欧文于2022年3月1日去世. Here are just a few of the images from Mr. Ervin's three decades at MHS.



你有没有遇到过这样一位老师,他影响了你的生活,让你用不同的眼光看待这个世界? That made you laugh? One of those teachers for me was Mr. Ervin.

他是我高中二年级去寄宿学校时的第一位数学老师. 我在数字方面很糟糕,他不仅帮助我学习,而且让学习变得有趣! Bianca Nardi-Hahn ' 96:我会永远记得当你回答每一个问题时都会举手, and he had some funny remark. 我就坐在你面前,他会叹气,微笑,回答每一个问题.

He also taught me to love tennis. He was a kind coach and loved the competition and his team.

今天听到百老汇appMHS社区失去了我多年来另一位了不起的教育工作者的消息,我的心都碎了. We need more Mr. Ervin’s in this world. You inspired every single student, Mr. Ervin, and will always be beloved by your Miss Hall’s family. Sending your daughters so much love and our condolences. — Rachel Gunsberg Bhatia ’97

I am incredibly sad to learn the news about Mr. Ervin. He was truly one of the best, if not the best, teacher I ever had. His incredible kindness, patience, 鼓励总是伴随着他美妙的微笑和温暖的笑声. For a student struggling with math, he was a gift from heaven.

I send my heartfelt condolences to his family. An exceptional man: an exceptional teacher. 他的学生是多么幸运,连同整个HMS社区. — Nini Alig Saman '71

I wanted to pass on this photo. Mr. Ervin came back for our 20th reunion which was special! The class of 1998 loved him!

He shaped and supported us. Like all MHS teacher’s,he was a wonderful! — Caroline Constantine Rosen ’88

Mr. Ervin was my math teacher as well as my counsellor. 我是在第三学年的第一学期末开始学习的,在与小团体和从一年级就在那里的女孩相处时,我遇到了一些社会问题.


His problem-solving abilities struck me, as then a shy, homesick girl who had recently lost her father, as kind, astute and measured with his calm demeanor. He had a mighty smile, belying a happy soul. 他给我的印象是一个平和的人,他一直是我最喜欢的老师之一.

I send my condolences and fond memories of Mr. Ervin to his daughters and family. — Monica Donnelly Godwin ’77

Mr. Ervin is why I became a teacher and have been for 36 years. 他给了我力量,让我在学业上对自己有信心. I truly feel blessed to have known him. — Véronique de La Bruyere ’75

It’s hard to express on paper all that Mr. Ervin was to us. 首先,他总是欢迎你带着真诚的微笑出现在他面前. That was him, welcoming you in. He always had time for you and was utterly and completely present.

他的办公室是在走廊的一个开放的地方,女孩们聚集在他的教练上谈笑风生. Or, the door was closed, 他和需要帮助的人一对一交流,不管是学术上的还是其他方面的. This was typical of that hall. All warmth and open doors…unless otherwise needed!

他温柔而平衡地让你知道,女孩在房间里是平等的,他希望百老汇app做到这一点. Period. 白天有那么多的小时刻,他让学校充满了温暖和绝对的存在感,他真的需要去体验.

您将永远被百老汇app这些有幸称您为MHS老师和导师的人所铭记. — Lynn Zuckerman '88

Jim Ervin was cool.

And this was simply because he was so damn authentic. It was clear that he loved teaching and loved math and science. But, 很明显,他也明白,澳门百老汇娱乐官方网站的学生中,不只有少数人对这两件事都不感兴趣. Sadly, I was one of those students, but this did not deter Mr. Ervin in the least. We got along famously.

This had everything to do with Mr. Ervin's unending patience and fantastic sense of humor. His enthusiasm for his subjects never seemed to lag. 当学生不理解一个概念时,他会暗示你深入挖掘,直到你理解为止.

当然,一天中我最喜欢的时光就是和Mr. Ervin discussing current events and life at Miss Hall’s. Oh, and his family. 他对家庭的爱是无限的,而且他喜欢谈论家庭. He was endlessly interesting, always fair and funny to boot. The world is a bit dimmer without Jim. But if you said this to Jim he'd flash his million dollar smile, 说你疯了,告诉你去做生活中重要的事情. — Lynne Eckardt '70

Even though I didn't have Mr. Ervin as a teacher, I thought I'd share a brief story with you. During the summer of 2010, I received the MHS Bulletin. 在杂志的背面有一篇简短的文章,是Mr. 欧文,澳门百老汇娱乐官方网站前MHS摄影老师沃尔特·斯科特的去世. With help from the MHS Advancement office, I was able to reach Mr. Ervin by e-mail. I sent him a brief description about myself, saying that I was a day student, a member of the Class of 1977, etc. Mr. Ervin’s response was, “Cindy, of course I remember you!! "' Nuff said! — Cindy Hebert Lloyd ’77

I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Ervin recently. I so remember Mr. 欧文从我踏上校园的那一刻起——他甜美的微笑和绝妙的幽默感. 他是一个充满激情的教师,对澳门百老汇娱乐官方网站里的所有年轻女性都很信任. Coming from a large public school, 我对澳门百老汇娱乐官方网站严格的课程没有充分的准备. Mr. 欧文每天早上都会来帮我完成微积分和地质学的基础课程. It was hard work, but he believed in me and let me know that. I send me condolences to his daughters. Rest In Peace Mr. Ervin! You will be missed! — Colleen Mulgrew '85