Prime mover of what we now call “the Miss Hall’s Magic.”

Dance and Drama Teacher 安琪拉 Kalischer influenced the lives of hundreds of MHS students during her 37 years at the School — making a deep impact that, 对于许多, 直到今天.

安琪拉, the mother of Director of Weekend Activities, 中国语言文化教师, and International Student Advisor Tanya Kalischer, passed away peacefully on June 21 at age 85 at her home in Lenox.

1969年加入澳门百老汇娱乐官方网站的俱乐部, 安吉拉教授创意舞蹈, 编排, 在2006年退休之前,她都是戏剧演员, producing countless dramatic and musical productions, 总是用颜色, 神韵, 和精神.

“我通过舞蹈找到了自己的声音. I am 100% certain that studying dance with 夫人. Kalischer is what gave me the backbone to know myself and to speak my views. 晚些时候, when I sat in executive board sessions with 10 men and me, I needed to call on that sense that my view matters and that I can articulate it in a way that engages the people around me.”

Remarks on the occasion of receiving the School’s Distinguished Alumna Award Recipient during 女校友 Weekend 2018

In a 2016 conversation with former Director of Advancement and 女校友 Relations Diane Wortis, 安吉拉讲述了她在MHS的经历, explaining that she walked into the School one day and asked Headmaster Donald Oakes if there was a need for a dance instructor.” Mr. Oakes thought about it for a moment and replied, “Well, yes. 百老汇app所做的.”

安琪拉 did everything as a one-person department, working seven days a week designing and building sets, 创建编排, 做化妆, making costumes and unique ensemble t-shirts, 并设计和印刷程序. She also taught boys to dance during the years they attended the School — then known as The Hall School — from 1976 to 1984.


她退休后, 安琪拉 was a regular presence at reunion and campus events and a frequent guest of class dinners hosted by former students. 在2018年的校友周末, and in celebration of 安琪拉’s 80th birthday, her former students submitted memories and tributes that were compiled into a book.

The 安琪拉 Kalischer Theater Prize is named in 安琪拉’s honor and recognizes graduates who have made outstanding contributions to theater productions while at the School. The most recent recipient is School President Hannah Holt ’21.


除了她的女儿坦尼娅, 安琪拉 is survived by her daughter Cornelia, 两个孙子, 亚伦和诺亚, 女婿克里斯托弗·柯金斯. 2018年,她的丈夫去世了, 著名摄影师克莱门斯·卡利舍尔, who captured student photos and images of Miss Hall’s campus life from 1958 until the mid 1970s.

Since word of 安琪拉’s passing has spread through the MHS community, memories and tributes have poured in via social media. We are sharing some of them here now and will compile others as we receive them. Please send your memories of this remarkable woman to Director of Communications David Smith dsmith@reduce-infertility.com.


记忆 & 悼念

Many of 安琪拉's former students and colleagues shared their reflections on this amazing teacher and mentor.​ 点击这里阅读更多评论.

Stacey Sotirhos, 89年,名誉董事
夫人. Kalischer was a remarkable teacher and member of the MHS community. It was such a pleasure seeing and continuing to connect with her all these years during our board work. It is quite noteworthy that the family legacy continues through Tanya’s work and connection to the School. 夫人. Kalischer is Miss Hall’s family and will be deeply missed.

安琪拉 has been a Miss Hall’s “fixture” for so long. A wonderful, dedicated, woman, she was held in such high esteem by so many. 我会错过在同学聚会上见到她的机会.

Christie Higuera,学生主任
安吉拉和我一起教健身. She led the warm-up and meditation, while I led the cardio/weights. 一路上百老汇app笑得很开心. I will always remember 安琪拉’s great sense of humor and laugh. ❤️ She also pushed me to take on a part in one of the plays. 她让我感到自信! That’s how she made everyone who worked with her in theater feel.

Alison Quiñones Johnson ' 03
安吉拉总是那么有力量. When I transferred to MHS I found my home through drama and music, 作为我的导演, 舞蹈老师, 和顾问, 安吉拉完全塑造了我在那里的生活.

Since leaving MHS, I have almost never felt the kind of freedom she fostered in her classes. I don’t think like everyone else and man, did she let me fly! And she was smiling, laughing, and clapping the whole time! 💕

She was such an instrumental part of my experience at Miss Hall’s. She instilled a love of acting and fueled my confidence on stage. It was such a fabulous outlet there and something I looked forward to!

Ms. Kalischer was a huge influence during my time at Miss Hall’s. I spent many hours with her when taking modern dance classes but mostly while practicing for the plays I took part in. She was always encouraging when working with us on a play. She had such a calming spirit and never spoke an unkind word. She always greeted me and everyone with her lovely smile, and I feel blessed to have known her. ❤️

Kristine Schlachter 04年
我不知说什么好. 但, 我知道我不会有今天的成就, shaping so much of my life and career around theatre and the arts and stage management if it weren't for the many hours I spent in rehearsal rooms and the MHS theater with 安琪拉. I will always remember 安琪拉 ending every curtain speech with "Laugh, Cry, and Enjoy the show."

安琪拉教百老汇app要深入自己的内心, 的身体, or spirits (depending on which facet of school life we were practicing at the time), 然后再抓一把.“她是独一无二的,人们将会怀念她.