Hallmark courses allow students to dive deeper into subjects than ever 之前.

一个袋子里有五个乒乓球. 其中一个乒乓球是绿色的. 把手伸进包里,选择一个球. 是绿色的概率是多少?

Ms. Sutton will ask you a question such as this in her Hallmark Statistics class? 简单的回答是:几乎没有.


贺曼统计学是围绕现实世界的问题建立的,数学老师乔安娜·萨顿解释道, 谁在2019-20学年引入了这门课. “We’re working with material that is directly relevant to students’ lives, and I want to provide students with applications that not only stress the importance of what they’re learning, 但对他们也有意义.”

Those concepts — project-based work and deep investigation into subjects of personal interest — are two cornerstones of a reimagined Miss Hall’s curriculum that continues evolving. 最新的进化? “标志”课程.

将于2019-20学年推出, 这些前锋——思考, 上层类允许个性化, 深入, 和持续的调查. They also provide students with advanced work in the MHS core competencies of vision, 的声音, 人与人之间的功效, 和进取心, and they have supplanted Advanced Placement (AP) classes in the MHS academic program.

Hallmark Statistics was one of nine Hallmark classes — at least one in each academic department — to debut during the 2019-20 school year. for 2020-21, the MHS course catalog included sixteen Hallmark courses. (In all, twenty-one Miss Hall’s classes were redesigned for the 2020-21 school year — and that was 之前 MHS faculty dug into adjusting for online and hybrid learning models because of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.)

This redesigned curriculum is built around three academic levels. 基础课程, 通常是九年级和二年级的学生, provide students with core skills essential to succeed in each discipline. 选修课, 通常是大二或大二以后, offer students a breadth of classroom experiences and opportunities to delve into subject areas they find most interesting. MHS学术经历的标志.

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“这些都是高级, 具有挑战性的, 动态, 创新课程,学院院长兼教师Lisa Alberti 73年解释道. “They’re an opportunity for personal inquiry and investigation and a chance for students to do a deep dive, using the foundational skills they’ve learned in their earlier courses.”

例如,在贺曼公司,学生使用高级资源. The classes require motivated students who can work independently, 通常还有一个公共部分, an opportunity for students to share what they have learned with the School community. 进一步, 迪安·阿尔伯蒂指出, 贺曼公司背后的理念不仅仅是“更多”,” and Hallmark courses are not meant to be a college experience.“

"We are providing students with an experience that prepares them for college and beyond," she notes. “学生们现在正在发展的技能, 在澳门百老汇娱乐官方网站的, are what colleges and universities are looking for in applicants. A Hallmark course gives students a window into college-level coursework and prepares them to excel and contribute at their next school.”

“学院和大学希望学生参与其中, 独立驱动的, 积极主动的, 知识的使用者.”


The decision to reimagine the MHS curriculum and introduce Hallmark had been in the works for several years, 学术咨询主任Sarah Virden说.

“百老汇app纠结于一些问题——这可行吗? 百老汇app能做到吗? 有哪些选择?” Ms. Virden notes, and those conversations extended to college admissions offices. “We asked a lot of questions about how Hallmark would be interpreted and what it would mean for our students, 百老汇app被告知, “你不是一个人.’

——Lisa Alberti, 73年

“What colleges told us was to describe what Hallmark is and where it lives within the curriculum,”她补充道. 换句话说, they want to know th在澳门百老汇娱乐官方网站的 students take the most appropriate and advanced courses available to them.

“很多, many independent high schools have gone in this direction already or are going in this direction,” adds MHS 学院咨询主任 Courtney Hatch Blauvelt. 对于大学招生办公室来说,这已经不是什么新闻了. We also consulted with them about the skills their most successful applicants need, 所以这些概念可以融入到课程开发中. 学院和大学希望学生参与其中, 独立驱动的, 积极主动的, 知识的使用者.”

Prospective students and families have also responded enthusiastically to Hallmark, 指出大卫·霍普金斯, 招生和招生管理主任.

“他们对有机会集中精力感到兴奋, deep learning that allows students and teachers to engage holistically in a subject area and really explore their passions from unique and varied perspectives,” Mr. 霍普金斯说. “They are excited to build and practice the research and critical-thinking skills that they will need in college while studying topics that are relevant and interesting to their lives.”

Mr. 霍普金斯笔记, 然而, Hallmark贺卡公司确实需要与家庭进行额外的交流, particularly those who are accustomed to thinking of AP as the gold standard for education and who judge or rank a school by the number of APs offered. “It's very important to communicate to families that Hallmark was developed in consultation with college admissions offices, and to let them know that the skills Hallmark courses build are the skills that colleges are looking for in their applicants,”他补充道.

The pandemic forced classes online for the 2019-20 school year’s final weeks, 因此,一些公开演讲并没有按计划进行, 但今年早些时候有过几次这样的经历. Hallmark Humanities students shared their work and sought feedback from students and adults, and MHS adults sat in on review panels as Hallmark Art students presented their work.

在她的教室里. Sutton believes that engaging students in ways that go beyond learning the mathematics of applied statistics resonate more deeply with them. 在这一年中, 例如, the class explored social justice issues and election-related issues, 学生们对两个领域特别感兴趣.

One class project looked at census data for a given area and compared it with the prison population in that same area. 另一组研究了来自新闻媒体的图表, and showed how those graphs could be manipulated to fit a viewpoint. 其他学生参加了美国大学的考试.S. 性别工资差距,并概述了其经济和社会成本.

“2019-20学年是一个很好的开端,”她说. Virden notes, adding that each department expanded its Hallmark roster this year. “它让百老汇app展示了什么是可能的, and we saw enthusiasm and investment from the students and faculty. 百老汇app的学生有机会学习的课程, 无论是贺曼公司还是百老汇app的选修课, 是惊人的.”